Our collaboration in the Barça series “Match Day”.

Thanks to Producciones Del Barrio, before the pandemic CGS Translations participated in the series created by the blaugrana team called “Match Day”. This series consists of 8 episodes of 45 minutes each, starring world-famous players such as Ter Stegen, Rakitic, Coutinho, De Jong and Cillesen.

CGS Translations’ task in this project was to:
a) translate the scripts of the episodes into Spanish and English,
b) our team of interpreters interpreted the players, who spoke in their original language (be it Dutch,
German, Croatian or Portuguese), during the interviews with the production company’s journalists, and
c) we also subtitled some videos of the series from these languages into Spanish.

This experience was very enriching, as it allowed us to work with a team of great professionals and to get to know the human side of the footballers. The series recapitulates the moments of success, as well as some of the more bitter moments, that Barça enjoyed that season. The series is available on BarçaTV+ and you will be able to see the work done by our team of interpreters. We invite you to watch it!

Match Day

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