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Paul Burrell,




Lady Di’s former butler

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Interpreting Paul Burrell

Thanks to its international contacts, CGS Translations was in charge of the simultaneous interpretation Catalan>English for Col·lapse, the TV3 late night programme produced by La Manchester and hosted by Ricard Ustrell , who interviewed the late Princess Diana of Wales’ former butler, Mr. Paul Burrell.

Due to the coronation of Charles III of the United Kingdom and his wife Camila as King and Queen, consort of the United Kingdom, which took place on 6 May 2023, the TV3 programme decided to visit London to talk to Mr Burrell, Diana’s right-hand man.

Through CGS Translations’ network of professional contacts, we were able to assist Mr Burrell with the interview. As soon as the client requested us to do so, we contacted our colleague Idoya Cols, who interpreted the interview from English into Catalan.

Wandering around Kensington Palace, Mr Burrell looked back upon his 21 years of service to the British royal family, during which he was a personal attendant to the late Queen Elisabeth II and theDuke of Edinburgh, and subsequently to the then Prince of Wales, Charles III, and Diana of Wales, with whom he built up a loyal friendship.

Mr Burrell’s words left no one untouched, as he answered questions such as:

How does one get to work for the British royal family?

Did Lady Di feel lonely within the royal family?

Was her death an accident?

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